myTerm is a a Terminology Database Management System based on the TBX-Basic schema

myTerm includes multiple modules:

  • a Terminology extractor: using generic parsing models, the Terminology extractor parses multiple terminology files in different formalisms and stores their content in the Terminological Database.
  • a Terminology browser: public entries within terminologies are retrieved and filtered according to the form, source and target languages and the domains or the resource. The results are displayed within a friendly user interface and displayed according to a user personalization.
  • a Terminology editor: a REDACTOR is a user that has the right to add new terminological entries to a resource within specific languages. This module allows a redactor to manage his own workspace, add, delete, edit and submit entries for revision.
  • a Terminology revisor: a revisor is a user that has the right to publish, unpublish and revise terminological within a resource in some specific languages. This module allows a revisor to manage his own workspace, approve, disapprove, edit and publish terminological entries.
  • an Administration panel: an adminstrator has the ability to manage the users, the languages and the key elements of the terminological database.

What makes myTerm unique is that its modules are integrated and attached to different user profiles. In myTerm, resources are imported into the terminology manager’s repository and terminological resources from different domains connect languages to each other.


Before using the demo, it is strongly suggested to read the tips below.

User: demo Password: demo (% is the wildchar)

The demo (english interface) is available at: English.

The demo (french interface) is available at: French

We have a dynamic approach to integrate new languages for the Graphical User Interface of myTerm. We have all the interface’s components in two languages (en, fr). If you think that you can add a new language for the interface please contact us and we will guide you for its integration in the tool.

We imported terminologies from different sources:

  • IATE: 24 languages, 8.8 Mo terms, origin:IATE
  • FISH_NAME: (EN, ES, FR, LA) 8’000 terms, origin:FAO
  • MED_UTX: (EN, JA) 54’000 terms, origin:Kitazato University


myTerm 1.0 for Windows, 64-bit version (tested on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server)

The myTerm installation files can be downloaded here (97 Mb).

SHA1 key:b1c60fce4f869b2bb7072383604f08f4f353dbaf


The mySQL Server56 to be downloaded here (247 Mb). Please use only these distribution of the applications so as to make sure you have the required version.

SHA1 key: 7d3d4eff94ac5d8f16a0eb7a9b7c98b05bb9df20


Installation of myTerm

myTerm for Windows: ​The procedure to perform a standard installation of myTerm on a dedicated server running Windows is described here..

The guidelines through the different interfaces and workflows are described here.

Server Specifications

The server required to run myTerm should comply with the following specifications.

myTerm must be deployed on a dedicated server, which can be either a physical or a virtual machine. Please note that the server needs to be 64-bit.


One CPU (Quadricore), 64-bit RAM:

6 to 8 Gb

Operating system:

Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7, 64-bit version or later or GNU/Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 64-bit version or later


The applications to be installed on it will be the following:

Java JRE 6 or 7 or later Apache Tomcat 7.0 (to publish the application online) myTerm (Java classes distributed in a .war file through the Tomcat)

source & licence

Licence AGPL v3 - sources @github