Education is a pre-installed version of myCAT and myTerm.


During a workshop on the use of tools TAO2015 Olanto conference in Anger, we tested the idea of distributing a preinstalled version. Participants received a USB key on which stood a virtual machine and the software to run it. After 15 minutes, each participant had his own version and could explore tools. We completed the installation in order to experience the main stages in the translation of a document.


This project aims to: * To facilitate the installation of the translation support tools * Create a communication environment between teacher and students * To introduce students to computer technology sharing, editing, virtualization.

Who can use these tools?

  • Students who wish to complete their knowledge of CAT tools
  • Teachers wishing to experience a collaborative work CAT
  • The independent professional wanting to explore the possibilities of these tools
  • An organization wishing to explore the possibilities of these tools

How to contribute to this project?

  • By installing and using these tools
  • By adding information in this wiki to facilitate the use of these tools
  • translating these pages in other languages
  • by offering new features or new tools in the basic installation
  • adding new resources (bitexts, glosssaires) in github under your account.

How to start?