Education is a pre-installed version of myCAT and myTerm.


How2Say is a terminological exploring tool for multilingual corpora. It allows to find for a given expression such as Pommes de terre: the super terms « fécule de pomme de terre » translation propositions for a target language « potatoes » eventually some synonyms « papas (ES) » How2Say works only with the terms used in the corpora. Consequently, it gives the most exact description of the terminological usage within a specific organization and/or a specific domain.


Overview of the site

logoagplv3 The software owned by Olanto are distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (link is external), or AGPL v3. Olanto develops and distributes various CAT tools according to the following list:


myCAT is a concordancer, i.e. a full-text search engine which, in addition to showing the relevant documents, also shows their translation (if they were previously translated) and automatically aligns the source and target language versions on the occurrences of the terms which is being searched.


MyCLASS is an automatic document classifier.


myMT is an automatic translation tool based on Moses, i.e. the open-source statistical translation software. A demonstration version is available here (Demo) (the demonstration is based on The United Nations’ Multilingual Parallel Text 2000-2009 , English/French).


myPREP is a text aligner software, a tool which makes possible to automatically align two by two the documents in a multilingual corpus. The outcome of the alignment is a translation memory in TMX format. The alignment is done at the sentence level.


myTerm is a a Terminology Database Management System based on the TBX-Basic schema