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myTerm is a a Terminology Database Management System based on the TBX-Basic schema.

myTerm includes multiple modules:

  • a Terminology extractor: using generic parsing models, the Terminology extractor parses multiple terminology files in different formalisms and stores their content in the Terminological Database.

  • Terminology browser: public entries within terminologies are retrieved and filtered according to the form, source and target languages and the domains or the resource. The results are displayed within a friendly user interface and displayed according to a user personalization.

  • a Terminology editor: a REDACTOR is a user that has the right to add new terminological entries to a resource within specific languages. This module allows a redactor to manage his own workspace, add, delete, edit and submit entries for revision.

  • a Terminology revisora revisor is a user that has the right to publish, unpublish and revise terminological within a resource in some specific languages. This module allows a revisor to manage his own workspace, approve, disapprove, edit and publish terminological entries.

  • an Administration panel: an adminstrator has the ability to manage the users, the languages and the key elements of the terminological database.

What makes myTerm unique is that its modules are integrated and attached to different user profiles. In myTerm, resources are imported into the terminology manager’s repository and terminological resources from different domains connect languages to each other.

myTerm is available for Windows (tested on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server).

The software owned by Olanto are distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3, or AGPL V3.