Although the CAT tools distributed by Olanto are open source, it does not mean they can be installed by anyone. Olanto's distributes professional-level, web-based software which needs to be deployed in client-server architectures and needs some (although not much) customization and maintenance work.

Our vision of customer service is based on proximity: While the software itself is web-based, most customers need it installed at their own premises (if only for document security reasons) and want to talk to their provider of CAT tools about customized and integrated solutions.

Thus we strongly recommend that customers ask their favorite IT Service supplier to get some training with Olanto so as to be able to install, customize and maintain their CAT solution, and to provide them with support services.

All IT companies, individual IT professionals, CAT experts and any other interested person with robust IT skills are welcome to info [at] (subject: Training%20and%20Certification%20Request) (ask Olanto) for training and, if needed, certification.  At the moment all training sessions must be held in Geneva, Switzerland, but hopefully at a later stage we can set up an e-learning platform.

Currently Olanto's integrators are the following :


Simple Shift is an IT company dedicated to language engineering. We use artificial intelligence to detect patterns within human languages for various applications like cross-lingual search engines for e-discovery and web mining, automatic classification of multilingual documents, computer-assisted translation, etc.


Answer is a unique and innovative center of financial competencies and technical engineering focusing on operations, processes and information technology focusing on Private Banking and Asset Management sectors of the financial services industry. Answer provides excellence in dedicated business solutions under three pillars: Business Consultancy Services, Financial Software solutions and Strategic Business Process Outsourcing capabilities.

Neurones Technologies


Founded in 2008 and based in Geneva, Neurones Technologies is specialized in the development of IT solutions for web, business and mobile applications. With strong technological roots and a passion for innovation, Neurones develops custom applications and ensures the integration of solutions in several areas such as web, CRM, e-commerce, collaboration, document management and project management.

In addition to specific application development, Neurones offers open source platforms such as Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Liferay, Alfresco, and SugarCRM.

With a total of 30 employees, their organization is built around a unique governance of our two companies, Oxygen and Neurones. Oxygen is an IT firm specialized in security, infrastructure and outsourcing. Based on their expertise, our specialists focus on their respective skills to anticipate future needs.


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