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Olanto/Education is a pre-installed virtual machine with TAO tools.

This project aims to:

  • To facilitate the installation of the translation support tools
  • Create a communication environment between teacher and students
  • To introduce students to computer technology sharing, editing, virtualization.


on this CAT platform, we have assembled a set of free software (MyCat, MyTerm, myPREP distributed by the Olanto foundation). The idea is to be able to support full management of the translation cycle. This platform is designed for teachers, students. But it can also be used by professional translators.

  • Collect bitexts to create a domain corpus and view them with a concordancer
  • Find reference documents for a new translation (find documents of the domain)
  • Manage domain terminologies and export the format TBX
  • Create translation memories from bitexts (TMX)
  • translate with an environment wich includes TMX and TBX Resources.

The idea is that each translation also enriches the existing corpus and thus facilitate the next translation.

We have gathered in this environment, tools that are used daily in large organizations.

All informations could be found in this wiki