Olanto is a Network of Language Software Designers, Builders and Users.

In the academic world Olanto has particularly close ties with the University of Geneva (Switzerland), and especially with:

  • The Computer Science Center (CUI) which provides teaching and research work in computer sciences and communication technologies;
  • The Language Technology Laboratory (LATL) which is a research laboratory active in the fields of syntactic parsing, machine translation and generation, and in other areas of Computational Linguistics; and
  • The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, which is one of the oldest centres for translation and interpreting education and research in the world.

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Among the other stakeholders Olanto would particularly like to mention - and warmly thank - the Free IT Foundation (website in French), which is based in Geneva, Switzerland and provides tools, structures and strategies to promote free software.

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Olanto project!

Olanto is particularly interested in:

  • More CAT or language-related tools (open source only!)
  • Data such as terminology databases, bi-text collections, etc. in all languages for system training and translation-assistance purposes (no copyright please!)
  • Ideas and suggestions to develop the CAT suite
  • Developer time for free software projects
  • Partners (IT companies and individual professionals) worldwide to be trained and certified so they can deploy and maintain the CAT suite.

If you are willing to participate, feel free to contact us and let us know what you would like to do.

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